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Please Stop the Violence! is an educational and motivational new book that will teach you and the children, families, communities, offenders and America how to elevate to a brand new level of seriousness,

so we can “Stop the Violence” before it’s too late.



      This future-changing new book will teach you the ABC’s and XYZ’s on:

    • How to renew your attitude, behavior, results and future.

    • How to elevate your dreams, ideas and mission to a brand new level.

    • How to say no thank you to drugs, gangs, jail, crime and violence.

    • How to end conflicts, bullying, and create solutions to all of your problems.

    • How to be an extraordinary parent and raise extraordinary children.

    • How to celebrate peace in our schools, neighborhoods and inside yourself.

    • Educational and motivational quotes, a workshop, and much, much more.



“Please Stop the Violence! is an innovative book that will change the future. Michael Applegate is a living example of the power of persistence. Despite some challenging experiences in his life, he refused to quit. He never gave up on himself,

our children and the American dream.”                                                                                                                 

                                                                                                                                  – Dr. Winston Johnson, Educator


“Please Stop the Violence! is the literary catalyst this generation needs to change the way we think, and most importantly change the way we treat each other. The principles found in this book will inspire one to think twice before acting.

In a dangerous, yet promising time, this book is a piece to the puzzle that shapes the exciting future of today’s youth.”


                                                             Brittany Applegate, Advertising Professional & Founder of The Connect-Chicago






Michael “The Energizer” Applegate is a nationally renowned Motivational Speaker and Author of

Making Dreams Happen and Raising a Brand New Bar!


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$11.95 USD

+ $2.00 Shipping & Handling

Future Changing New Book!

Brand New Results!


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