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Michael Applegate in Action


Michael A. Applegate is an inter-nationally renowned motivational speaker, program development specialist, business consultant, and an author. Michael’s seven books Making Dreams Happen, Raising a Brand New Bar, Please Stop the Violence, The Prescriptions for Impeccable Customer Service, Dysfunctional Community Hospital, The One Minute Energizers and Work for God! are best-sellers and teaches individuals how to uplift their life, dreams, relationships, wealth, purpose, and destiny.

Michael has over twenty-five years of experience and expertise in personal and professional development, healthcare, marketing, sales, community, and business development and programs and services for executives, employees, service providers, parents, millennials,  and today’s youth.

Michael is known as “The Energizer” and specializes in leadership, employment training, management development, sales and marketing, team building, customer service, financial literacy, cultural diversity, health and wellness, violence prevention, bullying, spiritual enlightenment, and achieving extraordinary results.  

Michael’s mission is to educate, energize, engage, and provide interactive programs and services to teach the secrets, practical principles, strategies, and tools to empower individuals and people how to live a positive, prolific, loving, affluent, purpose-producing, and service-driven life.


“The greatest service I can offer is to…

Teach, Energize, and Uplift the Next Generation of God’s Employees.”



Michael Applegate Works For You!

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