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 Michael Applegate University

Innovative, Interactive and Instructional Programs and Services!

Michael Applegate Enterprises guarantees that program participants will gain personal and professional principles, strategies, tools and ideas to increase production, effectiveness, purpose and results.

Prolific Results in Action!




Results in the following areas for a renewed:


  • Attitude and Leadership!

  • Brand, Character and Image!

  • Peace and Conflict Solutions!

  • Families and Communities!

  • Employment!

  • Careers!

  • Spirituality!

  • Ethics and Standards!

  • Business, Vision and Mission!

  • Responsibility and Accountability!

  • Communication Skills!

  • Relationships!

  • Health!

  • Innovation and Technology!

  • Diversity and Inclusion!

  • Morale and Mentorship!

  • Productivity and Profits!

  • Problem Solving!

  • Money and Assets!



Smarter New Programs and Services:


  • Stop the Violence Workshop

  • Bullying Workshop

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Development

  • Brand Marketing, Sales and Revenue Development

  • Leadership and Teacher Development

  • Relationship, Marriage and Men Workshops

  • Employment Preparation Workshop

  • Financial Literacy and Coaching

  • Customer Service & Ethics Training

  • Cultural Diversity and Inclusion

  • Motivational Speaking, Book Writing and Publishing

  • Parenting  Today’s Youth Workshop

  • Mentorship and Coaching Training

  • Professional and Life Development Coaching

  • Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Health Services

  • Faith Based Sermons, Workshops and Seminars

  • Customized Speeches, Workshops and Seminars

"Every Step you take, you must Raise a Brand New Bar!"

                                                                 -Michael Applegate

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