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Michael Applegate Enterprises


Michael Applegate Enterprises' vision is to see the participants and businesses utilize it's motivational, educational, interactive programs and services. To enable the learning of new future changing principles, strategies, tools, and data to reinvent and increase their life, health, education, dreams, innovation, careers, passion, finances and brand new future.


Nationally Recognized
Success & Client Driven
Exceptional Programs

Michael Applegate Enterprises is nationally recognized as a premier motivational teaching and training business committed to personal and professional brilliance.


Michael Applegate Enterprises is success oriented with a client driven focus that provides customized motivational, educational and interactive workshops and seminars. We provide keynote speeches, professional trainings and business consulting services which will meet the specific needs of our clients.


Michael Applegate Enterprises believes that the knowledge and training of our exceptional programs will teach participants: to reinvent change, elevate their dreams, ideas and mission. To capitalize on their potential and make an impact in their life, families, schools, churches, the workplace and America.


God Bless You for Serving the World! 

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