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“Michael Applegate’s newest book “Dysfunctional Community Hospital” offers the reader an up close view of all the behind-the-scenes of an unnamed hospital. If you work in a hospital, have ever worked in a hospital, have been a patient or someday may end up hospitalized, this book is for you.  Much like Applegate’s prior books, it is a fast-paced and enjoyable read with plenty of suggestions for organizational and individual improvement. It’s another winner!”

--John T…EAP Manager


''I set out to read this book in a fast manner. However, I found myself slowing to a grind to assure the absorption of his full message. This writer is not reticent or reserve with his up close depiction of the Mental Heath situation in Urban America. This writer left me with a newfound desire to herald the message of how to change it by starting with myself. I give him  "'KUDOS'" for offering a transcending alternative oppose to sheer '' Hopelessness" by presenting a Clinical Balm for the system ills. I consider him a modern day thinker, leader, teacher, and”'Leonine"' in how to change it. This book I promise is a must read for any and all concern about where this issue is currently and can possibly go in the future."

--Carl B... Educator and Counselor

Dysfunctional Community Hospital Book

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